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This page will chronicle a Shadowrun campaign begun in 1997, and which has continued off-and-on in between other campaigns since that time. Many excellent players have graced our roster; some are still with us, some have moved on, some have returned, and many have left their mark in the form of legendary runners or characters whose impacts were so extensive they retired into critical non-player characters. Everyone who plays in our campaign has a chance to impact the future for themselves and players to come, and have likewise felt the effects of past choices made by those who came before, breathing real life into our incarnation of the Sixth World.

The Adventure Log will be devoted primarily to events of the current storyline, moving forward, and our home page blurb which preceded these italics will encapsulate the current state of the game, much as the back of a book or DVD would do for you. Hopefully, as the campaign progresses, elements of previous adventures, plotlines, and history will become evident in wiki entries, as well as character and non-player character backgrounds.

Thanks for stopping by. And welcome to the Shadows.

Our Shadows.

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