Young, dark long hair that is always tied back in some punkish style, somewhat pale skin, dresses very punk like, and dark eyes that look almost black.


As a Child-
River grew up an orphan until the age of six, when she was adopted. At first her new family seemed nice until one day her new mother Miranda said something wrong and Kerry (her new father) punched her. This was only the beginning of the beatings. He was amazingly abusive and would even hurt poor River if she did anything wrong by his standards sending them both to the hospital countless times. River eventually started fighting back and soon he stopped messing with River and focused more on Miranda She tried to talk her mother into leaving, but she refused because she loved him. At age 16 River had saved enough money from odd jobs (including hacking) to run away. She still checks up on Miranda from time to time, but never actually visits.

As an Adult-
River was just a regular hacker who did odd jobs to keep her small apartment in the city. She had few close friends and had countless contacts throughout the internet. She enjoyed her work and she was good at it. She knew how to get the job done without leaving any traces. But one job would change her life forever. A man by the name of Nero; or at lest that’s the name he gave her; hired River to hack into a corporation to find out very specific details about something. She found what he asked and did what she was hired to do, but then she accidentally stumbled into a dark secret inside the corporation. Shortly after her discovery she lost contact with Nero. The very next day someone showed up at her apartment looking to kill her. Only by luck did she manage to kill this person instead. Now that she has information that was never meant to be hers to begin with they want her dead, so she must go on the run. River packed her bags, contacted an old friend, and left for Seattle where she will begin doing Shadow Runs for cash until she can figure out a way to take down this corporation.


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